Metamorphosis – Franz Kafka

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Gregor wakes up as a cockroach… yet is more worried about getting to work on time and out of bed. He has completly missed the obvious, to the extent he fears the doctor would come in and say he is fit for work.

Clarity and calm are better than councils of despair

He thought how simple everything would be if he had some help…could he really contemplated calling for help?Even in his extremity, he couldn’t repress a smile at the thought.

The Chief Clerk arrives to pull Gregor to work, even if he is a few hours late… or 10mins late? Why did they send round the chief clerk..? Instills a sense of modern fear of being late and pulled up by a higher colleague.


Everyone is waiting outside to work out what has happened to Gregor.

Upon opening the door, the family sees a huge cockroach – but Gregor hasn’t realised their shock. Instead, he is to preoccupied with keeping his job and persuading his manager to keep him.

For sure, none of  them wanted Gregor to starve, but maybe they didn’t want to confront in so much detail the idea of him eating anything

Gregory was the sole family bead winner – and kept the family more than afloat + cook and servants! Yet he still didn’t feel like it was enough or appreciated by his family. But is panicked by the fact that he is now no longer working and can’t support his family.

Gregor thinks nothing for himself only for that of others. that, if Gregor returns to us, he will find everything unaltered, and will thereby be able to forget the intervening period almost as if it hadn’t happened

Father tries to kill Gregor.

Family goes into disrepair as everyone takes on work and is trying to support the house. Can’t move because of


Gregor is now not called by his name anymore – only monster.

Gregor has nothing left to live for and dies.

The family is happy and start a new life as they can finally move on.