Peter Pan – JM Barrie

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The reason is that he escaped from being a human when he was seven days’ old.

7 day old baby.

If you think he was the only baby who ever wanted to escape, it shows how completely you have forgotten your own young days.

All children could have such recollections if they would press their hands hard to their temples, for, having been birds before they were human, they are naturally a little wild during the first few weeks, and very itchy at the shoulders, where their wings used to be.

Birds of Kensington Gardens

It is wonderful that he could fly without wings, but the place itched tremendously, and, perhaps we could all fly if we were as dead-confident-sure of our capacity to do it as was bold Peter Pan that evening.

Crowds of fairies were running this way and that, asking each other stoutly, who was afraid,

“Then I sha’n’t be exactly a human?” Peter asked.


“Nor exactly a bird?”


“What shall I be?”

A thrush’s nest

At least he thinks so, and it is one of the pathetic things about him that he often plays quite wrongly.


Fairy House

This is because it is not there when you lie down, but it is there when you wake up and step outside.

…for they are the colour of night, and I never heard of anyone yet who could see night in the daytime.

Fairy Weddings

You can’t conceive the effect of it. Brownie held out her arms to the Duke and he flung himself into them, the Queen leapt into the arms of the Lord Chamberlain, and the ladies of the court leapt into the arms of her gentlemen, for it is etiquette to follow her example in everything. Thus in a single moment about fifty marriages took place, for if you leap into each other’s arms it is a fairy wedding. Of course a clergyman has to be present.

Fairy Disguises

The reason they were cheated was that she pretended to be something else. This is one of their best tricks. They usually pretend to be flowers,

Peter wants to go back to his mother, and the fairies grant him his wish… but by the time he get’s back he has been replaced and it’s too late.

Ah, Peter, we who have made the great mistake, how differently we should all act at the second chance. But Solomon was right; there is no second chance, not for most of us. When we reach the window it is Lock-out Time. The iron bars are up for life.