The Gernsback Continuum – William Gibson

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She saw these things as segments of a dream world, abandoned in the uncaring present… elaborate prop for playing a dream world.

Frank Loyd Wrights Wax Building

They wanted the public to see the future.

1930’s Streamlined Designs

Albert Speer Stadiums

Sinister Totalitarian Design…

Structural truth of cheap materials

Worshiped blue mirrors and geometry

Future that never was – if the future imagined was the future now. Mass Dream.

Nothings there but people see it anyway, because they need to – Jung.

All these stories (aliens) are framed by in a kind of sci-fi imagery that permeates our culture. Bits of deep cultural imagery that have split off and taken on a life of their own.

The city looked like Metropolis and Things to Come

It had all the sinister fruitiness of Hitler Youth propaganda.

What is worse we could live in a perfect world…