The Variable Man – Philip K Dick

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Cole has been transferred to the future, he has lots of good practical skills – but in a completely ‘alien’ world.

Location: Appocolytic version of Central Park New York

…the SRB machines were blank. And on the SRM machines readings the whole war depended.

Cole drives a horse and cart through this futuristic New York.

Threats from above.

His fingers flew, workign and twisting, tracing down wires and relays, exploring and examining.

He know’s nothing. It’s not in his head, a form of learning. He works by intuition – his power is in his hands not his head.

You can tell the variable man is the solution to the problem – but the higher ups haven’t seen this yet. And want to destroy him instead…

Juxtaposition of fighting for survival in forest over being hunted by high tec.

Reinhart and his kind have made such things as SRB machines into gods.

Secret labs a mile under the Urual Mountain range.

Missiles used to break into the underground lab

Great gaping pits yawed among the mountains, vast sections missing like broken teeth.

Conclusion: War happens, but the bomb doesn’t explode. The original problem was fixed though – faster than light travel is now possible. Corrupt government is over thrown and new is re-instated. Next problem to fix, a completely democrat world with no council.