There are lots of questions asked in Metamorphism, some are simple like why? and others start showing the fear and anxieties which Gregor feels in life.

  1. What’s happened to me?
  2. Had the alarm clock not rung?
  3. Yes, but was it possible to quietly sleep through that furniture-rattling noise?
  4. What should he do now?
  5. What about if he reported sick?
  6. And what’s more, would he have been entirely wrong in this case?
  7. Didn’t you want to go somewhere?
  8. what’s wrong?
  9. Gregor? Aren’t you well? Do you need anything?
  10. Should he really call for help though, even apart from the fact that all the doors were locked?
  11. Why did Gregor have to be the only one condemned to work for a company where they immediately became highly suspicious at the slightest shortcoming?
  12. Were all employees, every one of them, louts, was there not one of them who was faithful and devoted who would go so mad with pangs of conscience that he couldn’t get out of bed if he didn’t spend at least a couple of hours in the morning on company business?
  13. Was it really not enough to let one of the trainees make enquiries – assuming enquiries were even necessary – did the chief clerk have to come himself, and did they have to show the whole, innocent family that this was so suspicious that only the chief clerk could be trusted to have the wisdom to investigate it?
  14. Can the chief clerk come in to see you now then?
  15. So why did his sister not go and join the others?
  16. And why was she crying?
  17. Was it because he had not got up, and had not let the chief clerk in, because he was in danger of losing his job and if that happened his boss would once more pursue their parents with the same demands as before?
  18. What is wrong?
  19. Did you understand a word of all that?
  20. Mother?
  21. Did you hear the way Gregor spoke just now?
  22. How had his sister managed to get dressed so quickly?
  23. He seemed, unfortunately, to have no proper teeth – how was he, then, to grasp the key?
  24. Will you please just let me leave?
  25. So where are you going, in to the office? Yes?
  26. Will you report everything accurately, then?
  27. But what now, if all this peace and wealth and comfort should come to a horrible and frightening end?
  28. Would she notice that he had left the milk as it was, realise that it was not from any lack of hunger and bring him in some other food that was more suitable?
  29. Am I less sensitive than I used to be, then?
  30. Would Gregor’s elderly mother now have to go and earn money?
  31. Would his sister have to go and earn money?
  32. Can’t you understand I have to see him?
  33. …and by taking the furniture away, won’t it seem like we’re showing that we’ve given up all hope of improvement and we’re abandoning him to cope for himself?
  34. Had he really wanted to transform his room into a cave, a warm room fitted out with the nice furniture he had inherited?
  35. What shall we take now, then?
  36. Come on, let’s go back in the living room for a while?
  37. What’s happened?
  38. He really ought to have expected things to have changed, but still, still, was that really his father?
  39. Who, in this tired and overworked family, would have had time to give more attention to Gregor than was absolutely necessary?
  40. Aren’t you coming any closer, then?
  41. Is the playing perhaps unpleasant for the gentlemen?
  42. would the young lady not like to come in and play for us here in the room, where it is, after all, much more cosy and comfortable?
  43. Was he an animal if music could captivate him so?
  44. had Christmas really come and gone already?
  45. what are we to do?
  46. How can that be Gregor?
  47. What now, then?
  48. Dead?
  49. Where is our breakfast?
  50. What do you mean?
  51. Well?
  52. What is it you want then?