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Published 1921-1923 Czech

Set between 1914-1918 in Czech


In 1912 the Turks lot the war with Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece. They had wanted Austria to help them, and when this didn’t happen, they shot Ferdinand.

…”Only he [Fraz Fredinand] ought to have been fatter.”

“What do you mean?” Bretschneider livened up.

“What do  mean?” Svejk answered happily. “Just this. If he’d been fatter then of courses he’d certainly have had a stroke long ago, when he was chasing all those old women at Konooiste… and he wouldn’t have had to die such a shameful death.

The conversation starts to imply things about His Imperial Majesty, (and predicts the future of WW1) at which point the drinking companion shows himself that he is a plain-clothed police man and arrests Svejk for treason, and escorts him out.

Loads of people locked up for saying something in a pub or bar.

What have we got the police for except to punish us for talking out of turn?

“I’m innocent, I’m innocent,” repeated he man with his hair on end.

“Jesus Christ was innocent too,” said Svejk, “an all the same they crucified him. No one anywhere has ever woried about a man being innocent…”


I confess to everything - "Get out!"
I confess to everything – “Get out!”

Notes: People believed things were better than they were but there was now a silly amount of nonsense bureaucracy which greatly complicated the world, the the simpler you were the easier it was to deal with.