Ideas from Combinations:

  • As a member of the grey tribe, you are neutral and can take on any power from the other ‘colour’ tribes.
    • Allowing you to bounce over sinking floors
  • Move shadows to make your shadow appear bigger, to scare off monster.
  • You sink when you enter shadows
  • Member of the tribe make a pile, so that you can move upwards.
  • Members of tribe fit together like jigsaw pieces.
    • In their combination they become unique
    • Grey individually together they gain their own colour
  • Grey tribe members fit together like swinging monkeys, where they have to balance.
  • Black and White films
    • Film Noir
  • The grey tribe has lasers
    • The lasers melt things into concrete.
      • Which you can use to build skyscrapers
  • On an escalator, there are gaps which you can transport from one to another in
    • You come out colourful
  • You are on a platform with a tribe of people where when you jump it gets lower
    • Everyone has to jump in synchronisation in order to reach the ground faster than other team
    • If the players on the left jump harder the platform becomes unbalanced and everyone starts to slide.
  •  You fall into the earth and find another world
  • You are at the top of an office block, when you go down a level you change time
  • Shadows create holes.
  • Harry Potter statue from ministry of magic where mugs are on the bottom