Ideas from Grey Tribe + Ladder:

  • Walks on top of ladders
  • Walks across horizontal ladders at height
  • Climbs the ladder
    • To become enlightened
  • The tribe is all attached through a ladder
  • Grey Tribe leaves ladders everywhere, to cause mischief
  • Tribe leaders have taller ladders – prestige
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Tiny tribe uses ladders to climb chairs
  • Winners need ladders to move around mine
  • Ladders in tights
  • Use ladders to beat up people who don’t respect the elderly
  • Each tribe member has a ladder on their back,
    • They can stand on each others shoulders to create larger ladder
    • Helps with posture
  • Climb a ladder to swing from trapeze
  • They grey tribe are firemen
    • And climb up one another to put out fire, reach taller buildings
  • They are ladders
  • Climb chines character
  • Live in houses which you need ladders to climb