//What are they trying to communicate?

  • Having a relationship with the phone when no one is in
  • Leaving clues
  • Stealing
    • Your money
    • Your identity
    • Your electricity
  • Is anybody there?
  • That AI has been born
  • To warn you of something


//What do they do?

  • Repeat the same message millions of times
  • Check if the line is free
  • Will they continue if humans suddenly disappeared?
  • Used by different companies
  • Check you are the person you say you are
  • Targeting vulnerable people

How to avoid nuisance phone calls – BBC – 09.11.205


Press numbers..


Voice Broadcasting: technique on how to get people to ring you back after leaving a generic message:

Speed Dating questions to ask:

Or instead how to open a conversation through text mesasges:

This is continued through their website: Tinder Advisor 09.11.2015



Please leave your message after the tone, beep!


“Hi Smartphone it’s your user’s Landline here, sorry I missed you, your user told me to give you a call as they thought you would definitely like to get to know me. Anyway, when you call, be sure to tell my voicemail to come get me.”


“Hi Landline, it’s your user’s Smartphone here, I can’t seem to get your voicemail to put me through. But anyway, I would love to get to know you I’m normally busy during the day but I chill in the evening with a bit of candy crush. So call me?”


“Hi Smartphone, it’s your user’s Landline here. I’ve spoken to my voicemail and they are sure to put you straight through next time. Evening can be a bit of a busy time for me, I shall try and find a quiet patch to chat. I’ve never tried candy crush what is it like?”


“Hi Landline, it’s Smartphone here, don’t worry if we can’t chat line to line, keeping it here is fine until there’s a good date for both of us. I know what work can be like. Candy crush is so good. You have to match colours together in lines while completing different types of missions, I lose so many hours to it. Anyway what are your plans next week?”


“Hi Smartphone it is Landline here. I have a free slot this Wednesday coming in the evening if that’s good for you. Work is hitting a quiet patch so there should be time. I would really love to try candy crush are you able to bring it with you?”


“Hi Landline it’s Smartphone here, I can make next Wednesday and I can most certainly bring candy crush along. It will be great to meet up, see you Wednesday.”


“Smartphone it is so good to finally meet, here let me take your charger for you and please, take a seat. So, how are you? It’s been great chatting these last couple of days?”


“I’m good, life’s busy as always, early alarms and late nights, you know.”


“Yes, I remember those days, the good times, now just sit right there for a second while I go check on something.”


“Landline? Landline! Where are you? He’s been gone an awful long time, landline?”


“Yes Smartphone, is everything OK?”


“I can’t seem to move, and is that my charger you have with you?”


“Yes it is, my modern I’ve done a quick swap and you’re in for early retirement! I am now the Smartphone while you are a trapped Landline!”