Setting, a school.

Finding a name which means ‘grey’

Behind the name


Plain  – Susie

National Curriculum – Maths

Activity to learn at Year 2


Narrative (350 words)

A grey mist covered the street as Susie fell into step with the rest of the walking bus. There was silence,  broken only by murmurings between parents as they led their children towards the end of the street. Susie tried to caught a glimpse of the child next to her and was rewarded with a flicker of auburn, Ruby was there. Concrete loomed high above and as the mummers faded they walked in pairs into the school.

Susie slotted into her desk and turned it on. The screen glared out of the dimness welcoming her to NextGen Infants, followed by a progress bar. A choice of different subjects appeared suggesting what areas needed a growth of understanding. Selecting arithmetic, numbers jumped into view: 2, 4, 6, then a choice of 4 answers. Susie selected 10 causing a black X to strike across the screen then fall to the bottom. Susie placed her head into her hands. Auburn, Ruby’s hair flooded her vision, nothing was more calming than colour.

Peeking right, Ruby was busying herself by scribbling onto the screen, probably a handwriting module. A harsh light fell onto Susie, it was the facilitators. Her screen blared out warnings and Susie reverted her gaze back, they were now standing behind her watching. Reluctantly Susie repeated the problem: 2, 4, 6 and a range of answers, selecting 8 led to another question which continued until all the questions had been answered.

The facilitators resumed their usual wondering and Susie day dreamed of colour. She found a history module and gazed at the blue sky of another time, the screen prompted her to the next video. A time lapse rushed from nature to urbanisation, demolishing colour in favour of technology, fading the screen to grey. This was the prompt for home time, triggering a wave of motion from the desk as the children turned to leave.

Ruby fell into step with Susie, brushing a piece of paper into her hand. With head bowed they marched out towards the murmuring parents. Glancing down, a warmth Susie hadn’t felt before radiated within her, the paper was red.