I’m thinking of making the game for the IPad or mobile device with my target audience being  female 25-44 years old.



I wanted to find what kind of mechanics are widely used on tablets, which have a strong narrative:

Games which stood out as styles to use included:

  1. Year Walk
  2. Device 6
  3. Sword and Sorcery

I didn’t think a point and click game could work but this looks really good, and an easy way to weave narrative into an environment.


Like a book made for a tablet device, lots of text and visuals cut into the page, really exploring the possibilities of a digital book. Interact with images to solve problems to continue to the story.


You can scroll the screen and ‘jump’ in and about of foreground background, puzzles are presented. Explore and find people to talk to, map shows you had to move between different sections.  See below.


You explore the world from a first person perspective compared to sword and sorcery, but still fundamentally a point and click, but with a very different feel.

Ideas for Game:

4 different characters where you can play through their individual stories in the same environment as you uncover a 5th characters who runs through all 5 stories and you discover more about them. This could work in a perspective like year walk or if it was more text heavy device 6.