4 Character

Who all fear something:

  • Standing out (invisible/social boundaries)
  • Not being good enough (oppressed)
  • Doing something new (mundane)
  • Being forgotten (exaggerate)


They are approached individually by the leader of the grey tribe who asks them to start doing things they fear in order for them  to get over their fear thus leaving a trail of colour.

Only you can be the best version of you.

Each time they add colour they solve + create a puzzle for another character in the world.



  • Boundaries
    • Emily Samantha King
    • Female
    • 16 years
    • Follows the crowd
  • Oppressed
    • Christopher Lewis Green
    • Male
    • 26 years
    • Works at Coffee Shop
    • Still lives at home
  • Mundane
    • Kathy Elizabeth Powell
    • Female
    • 46 years
    • Stay at home Mum (kids just about to leave)
  • Exaggerate
    • Eric Robert Wright
    • Male
    • 36 years
    • High flying business person (city worker)


Side Characters:

  • Homeless person on street
  • Grey Tribe leader


  • Street (with homes)
  • High Street
  • Train Station
  • School
  • Coffee Shop