Genre of writing for each character. Each character written in a different style.



  • Rom-Com
  • Between her and classmate Dan Grayson
  • Dan Grayson is the son of the leader of the Grey Tribe



  • Mystery
  • Finding out who the guy on the phone is
  • Where and why is the town so grey?
  • Leads him to the Grey Tribe



  • Adventure-Thriller
  • Works in the city and is followed by a secret organisation called The Grey Tribe who want to assassinate him (because his family holds the secret to making the city colourful)



  • Sci-Fi Family
  • Looking after a cat who is actually an alien who tries to cheer Kathy up.


Length of Narrative

Average reader 300WPM

Run through time 1:30hour to 2hours

Minutes in hour 60: 180mins -240mins run time

300 words a minute: 54000-72000 words


4 Stories, each story should be worth 13500-18000 words.

Overage number of words to page 500: Pages per story 27-36


(Length of Metamorphosis 40mins)

10mins = 3000 words a story (x4)

6 sections (events)


Narrative Structure