Chris Timeline


  1. Lives at home with parents
  2. Goes to work at Mr Bart’s Emporium
  3. A phone call asks him to give a tea to Emily
  4. Gives tea to Emily
  5. Waits for stranger, does not appear
  6. Finds note in tip jar thanking for the tea (plus price of coffee)
  7. Heads home wondering what note meant
  8. Gets home, finds parcel slip
  9. Goes next door to Kathy’s and picks up parcel
  10. It’s an enigma machine
  11. Puts in note code which leads him to the Grayson’s house
  12. Their door number is a code which he collects
  13. On the way home he goes past a homeless guy and gives a tea voucher
  14. Next day homeless guy goes to Tea Emporium and leaves a letter for Emily
  15. Emily and Josie arrive and he gives Emily the letter


Emily Timeline


  1. Getting ready for school
  2. Heads out in rain and Chris gives her a tea
  3. Gets to school and spills it down Dan
  4. So embarrassed she rushes into the wrong class
  5. Can’t leave as class has started
  6. End of class Josie is waiting for Emily
  7. They head to the lunch hall
  8. Emily catches the eyes of Dan
  9. He comes over and gives her a new cup of tea
  10. They go to class together, Josie making remarks
  11. Emily realises she has left her umbrella in the first class
  12. Dan offers to go with her after lesson
  13. They can’t find the umbrella so Dan walks Emily home
  14. Next day Dan isn’t at school
  15. Josie takes Emily to the tea shop after school to cheer up
  16. Chris gives Emily a letter


Kathy Timeline


  1. Kathy is lonely as no-one is in the house and there’s nothing to do
  2. She sees a cat outside so let’s it in, Eric is leaving the back alley
  3. Fluffy purrs and makes itself at home on her lap
  4. She makes dinner for Tim who arrives home
  5. He complains about the cat and tries to pick up fluffy
  6. Fluffy’s eyes turn into lasers and vaporise a glass
  7. Kathy goes out to buy a new glass
  8. She meets a homeless person who gives her a parcel for Chris
  9. Chris picks up parcel from Kathy




  1. Wakes up suddenly realising there is someone in the house
  2. Sneaking down stairs he finds a shadow and knocks the person out
  3. Turning on the lights it’s a member of the grey tribe
  4. You tie them up and leave them out the back of your house in them alley
  5. You go into Bart’s Emporium and leave a note in the tip jar
  6. You head towards the school, this time you will assassinate the leader
  7. It’s lunch time so Grayson will be in the dinner hall
  8. You lie on top of the gym, you spot Grayson, you aim up your shot
  9. He walks to a girl, giving her a cup of tea.
  10. Suddenly the roof swarms with the grey tribe and you fight them off
  11. It is the end of the day and you follow Grayson home, waiting till he has dropped of the girl
  12. You confront Grayson on his evil antic’s