Planning Ideas

Chapter 1

  • Lottie Arrives Home
  • Talks to her Dad
    • Lottie cooks dinner for him
  • Wanders around town
    • She sees all these black spaces
    • She wants to remove them


Do I affect the environment or the ending?

What do my choices control?

Do things happen after certains time? Internal clock

Or after certain events with people..?


Time pushes narrative forwards
It was dismal for an August, as I followed the…


Chapter 1 – Arriving Home + Aliens?

I pull into my parents drive with my car loaded to the ceiling. The house glares at me asking why I’m intruding and I stare blankly back at the new build. It has no life. We sit staring at each other, wondering who we will be after accepting this change.

I wait to see movement in the front window, hoping someone is in. YES/NO


I shuffle out of the car and turn to walk down the street. The house’s bend over into the road pushing down on anyone new to the area. I hurry quickly on to the old area of the city, passing the alleyway I used on the way to school.

I hesitate as I remember scooting to primary school with Mum telling me we were time traveling as I had left too late to get there on time but somehow I had made it. YES/NO

I turn into the alleyway.

The graffiti along the walls has hardly changed, the same strange letters decorate the fence communicating in a way more visual than literal. TURN THE LETTERS TO SEE IMAGE. (Location in park).
I need to find out what those letters are telling me. YES/NO

The clouds wisp past as I lean back on the grass, soothing my anxieties about moving back home and finding a job. Greyton is dull, but the sky is endless and fascinating. A glint. The sun is reflecting of something metallic high above me.

I stare waiting for it to happen again.

A blinding light engulfs me.

Blurrily I open my eyes as vague figures move around me


Sketching Ideas



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