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Name of Chapter: Break Out

You play as four characters starting as Serenity, where you have the choice between 2 hobbies. The next character you play as has a choice of two different hobbies dependant on the hobby Serenity chose. There are 8 hobbies in total between the 4 playable characters.

After playing through a character and setting a specialism, the narrative of the following character reflects the choices of played characters. By the fourth character you are more likely to interact with the first 3.

Starting as Serenity you have the choice between Baking and Illustration, to familiarise the player with the concept of the game. You can play as any other character after Serenity has specialised.

Once Serenity has specialised review the option tree below to see what the next character chooses between.



Hobby path ways for Characters:



Pathway 1

A flow diagram of how the looped narrative works for Serenity in the first chapter (this is also a simplification of the Twinery file):


Click for clearer image



Character Interactions

Here is a list of where you can interact with other characters after playing through Serenity. 



  • See character with cup cakes in the canteen (lunch only)
  • Go up and ask about cup cakes, offer one (lunch only)
  • Talk about baking techniques (dinner only)
  • Be seen in Smile (grocery shop)



  • See character with granola (breakfast only)
  • Go up and talk about granola (breakfast only)
  • Talk about cooking techniques (at lunch time)
  • Be seen in Smile (grocery shop)



  • See character drawing (on way to work)
  • Go up and talk about drawing (on way to work)
  • Seen in PolkaDot (stationary shop)



  • See character taking photos (on way home)
  • Go up and talk about photography (on way home)



  • Can hear guitar playing (evening at home)
  • Seen in the music shop



  • Can hear the harmonica (evening at home)
  • Seen in the music shop



  • Seen in Smile (grocery shop)
  • Talk about current affairs (in Smile)
  • Seen reading a newspaper (lunch time)
  • Ask about newspaper (lunch time)
  • Ask what they’re writing (dinner time)
  • Seen in print shop



  • Seen in print shop
  • Seen in canteen reading (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Ask about book (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Shows you story ideas (breakfast, lunch, dinner)



Non Player Characters:

NPC’s are tied to locations, playable characters can only enter these locations if they have a correlating specilism, see below.


Smile Shop Keeper:

Could interact with the Journalist, Baker and Chef. There is the possibility that 3 characters could talk to the shop keeper previous conversations change the reactions of the shop keeper.


Music Shop Keeper:

Could interact with the Guitar player and Harmonica player.

Book Shop Keeper:

Could interact with the novelist.

Print Robot:

Could interact with Novelist and Journalist.


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