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The first loop written in prose:

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1Greyness envelopes you,

the swirling mist surrounds you,

falling you look up at the gaping white light in the sky,

waiting to hit the ground.


2A mechanical screech vibrates your body,

your eyes jump open,

staring at the ceiling,

you hasten to mute the symphony from hell.


3The alarm falls silent

and you face the day ahead of you,

lights flicker onto your window

where you hasten to present yourself before the screen.


4A garish flourescent pink top,

a wide cheshire grin,

begins barking instructions,

“Keep jogging, keep loosening those joints, I would if I were you.”


5The din dies,

releasing you.

Heading out into the still grey morning

a flick of colour from a poster catches your eye.


6Not breaking from the routine,

you march into the concrete block

Maximo, a corporation a conglomerate,

something bigger than was understandable.


7Head bowed you shuffle,

the hall echos,

as the space opens,

into a giant canteen, rows of metal tables.


8Lines are adhered to,

like ants in their nest,

joining one towards the back wall

you wait to be served this mornings portions.


9Hushed murmurs

and clatters of cutlery

fill the space as you settle onto a bench

you fill your face with sludge they call breakfast.


10Shuffling backwards

joining the queue out

the space encloses around you

as you burrow deeper towards your department.


11Swinging shut,

the door shuts you off

silence joins you as you begin to  work

plugging into the console you move files,


12transferring them:

from here to there,

from here to there,

from here to there.


13Snapping you away from the console

the screeching calls you

back to the echoey hall

for the next installment of nourishment.


14You thunk down lunch

and shuffle onto the bench

gazing over the canteen

coloured posters are scattered over the tables.


15You pick one up,

the red and yellow contrast

with a strong male figure at centre,

the text  “Join me , 7pm, The town hall.”


16Curious you slip it into your pocket

joining the shuffle out

and back to work

working your way down the rabbit warren to your desk.


17Again, transferring files:

from here to there,

from here to there,

from here to there.

18Your console starts flashing

signaling the closing of day

your effort is logged

as your footsteps echo in synch towards the smell of dinner.


19Dinner is served,

unceremoniously splattered onto trays

you finish and leave,

following the same footsteps that were taken into this concrete tower.


20Climbing the steps upwards

crumbling concrete decorates the walls

holding your hand against the door

it swings open, back into your simple quarters.


21You wait,

watching time tick

pulling out the poster

it’s tempting not to go to the evening activities but there.


27 The door slams locked

Taking the usual route

You had into the night

The bright neon sign of the Activity Hall draws you inside.


28 It’s a hive of activity,

reaching the reception desk

You check which groups still have spaces in

It’s a toss between two of the most sort after courses:


29 improve your efficiency


30 renew your systems.


22Clicking the door shut

you head back out towards the town hall

your feet know where it is

even if you have never entered.


23Pulling apart the wooden doors

A stage fills the focal point

Drapes of red leading the eyes

You shuffle in, waiting for the hall to fill.


24A couple, but not many join.

The man on the poster stands

Address his audience

“It is now our time, choose to be different.”


25The lights click shut

the signal to leave

you wonder, was there anything more life.

The routine you have, have always had, was that all?


26Outside the night seems less black

blue mingled between the darkness

back in the apartment you power down

readying yourself for another day.


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