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In the near future Maximo, a massive conglomerate, has a monopoly on the technological infrastructure of Europe, facilitating the modernisation of England through the last 50 years. Maximo gained it’s position by offering Europe a solution to their energy crisis, through putting all electronic infrastructure under one roof. This was so efficient countries became self sustainable, relying on local power and produce.

As part of Maximo’s modernisation process the UK underwent a referendum, replacing parliament with a citizen wide voting device. This new system was renamed Democratic Decisions. Practically, this meant Government still existed but without their front runners. Motions could be raised by any member of Democratic Decisions (the Conservative and Labour parties still held their own offices under this title) which would then be voted on by the general public.

Other changes over the last 50 years included driver-less cars, more autonomy for local communities and technology has a slightly greater influence on peoples everyday lives.


Greyton is a medium sized town in Southwest England located between the two major cities of Bristol and Bath. Maximo has recently converted a disused factory on it’s outskirts into a research and development centre for clones. Due to the sensitive nature of the research it has been disguised as a test run for a more advanced helpline operated by the first proper humanoid robots.

Design Decisions:

Metamorphosis was written during a time of change, focusing on macro and micro history. I wanted my narrative to have a background where a lot has changed but nothing much as effected the day to day lives. I wanted the story to feel like it could be realistic but with enough sic-fi to have some narrative freedom.


GDD || Home || Backstory || Greyton || Maximo || The Factory || Bedroom || Jogging