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Main Plot Points

Chapter 1: Break Out

Play through each characters daily routine until you choose to do something different, this allows you to specialise in an area gaining a hobby.

Chapter 2: Stand Out

You gain more skills in these hobbies gradually becoming more experienced until you have the option to turn professional.

Chapter 3: Stand Down

The locals start taking an interest in your characters, some of your hobbies maybe banned and you have to work your way around the locals.

Chapter 4: Stand In

You band together to continue your hobbies and start to promote your ideals (the right to vote). You start sharing your hobbies with the locals.

Chapter 5: Called In

The locals take a vote on wither to accept your right to vote. The scientist can’t hide the fact you haven’t been to work and try to bring you back as there’s going to be an inspection from the managers.


Bonus Chapter: Called Out



Depending on you relationship with the locals you gain the right to vote or not. Regardless you are brought into Maximo and the scientist forced to lock you inside to work like robots.


Bonus Chapter: Called Out

Play as one of the scientists who works at Maximo as you show CEO’s around the factory until the CEO realises it’s a research and development centre for clones and asks to speak to them. If the clones have gained the right to vote (deemed an asset to society) they are granted their freedom and live in Little Greyton doing the jobs they created for themselves.

Else if they don’t have the right to vote the factory is closed and all evidence is destroyed.


Design Decisions

I tried many different narrative ideas from aliens, mafia and more realistic narratives of dealing with grief, until returning to the imagery of commuter robots and office work. I felt the narrative best encompassed the mundane repetition of being trapped by social boundaries draining your world of colour. To develop the narrative you turn from trapped to free and embrace the world you live in rather than fearing it, proving to the people around you that you have worth, using the women’s rights movement as a reference.



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