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Mechanics Overview: Little Greyton uses a state-machine to track the players decisions generating more narrative.

Narrative Mechanics: You play the same daily routine, which is changed when you are given decisions. This alters the routine of your character and subsequent characters you play as later in the game.

Example of Daily Routine and Choices:

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Environment Mechanics: Decisions are indicated by a coloured object in the environment which you can click on showing more narrative or decisions to make, the object is then permanently changed to this colour.

Navigation:  Swipe left and right (x axis) to move across the environment and up and down (y axis) at key locations to move in to and out of the environment (x axis).

Example of Navigation:


Map of Greyton: Navigate through the environment (box’s) by swiping (x axis) and into new environments by scrolling (y axis).


Game Engines: There are game engines design specifically for iPads and mobile devices, MOAI is supposed to handle touch input and scrolling much better than Unity. Further info.

Assets: See the entire asset list on Trello here.

Development of Structure: I set up a GitHub server to store twine files here.

Inspiration: My narrative focus’s on how you can move from the mundane to exciting from crowd to individual as you engage more with the world you live in. This is reflected through the mechanics as you are stuck repeating the narrative until you engage with the world. The more you engage with the world the more the world is filled with colour.

Year Walk: An iPad game which uses a first person view to immerse you in a 3d world in a 2d way. The navigation is intuitive allowing the player to explore different environments/ scenes easily on a touch pad.

 Air Pressure: is an interactive narrative which uses simple menu’s to offer decisions.

George Orwell – 1984: Uses a set daily routine for the character which you read through multiple times only changing small elements of the narrative each time.

Dulux Adverts: Depicts a grey world where colour is slowly introduced as people become unique.

Queen – I want to break free: Talks about being stuck in the mundane and wanting to break out of the routine into something new using the imagery of housework breaking into  ballet.

GDD || Home || Mechanics || Demo || Documentation of Code || User Interface || Navigation