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A town in South West England with a population of 16’000. Close to the two large cities of Bristol and Bath.

Maximo chose this location as it already had an abandoned factory building with good transportation links and land to expand.

The town is  big enough that a factory can blend into the area but small enough that any leaked information would stay local knowledge.

The high street is a 15min walk from the factory and contains the usual coffee shops, banks, charity shops, church, office buildings, leisure centre, park, clothes shops, mini-supermarkets, hairdressers etc. It is an old market town and once a month holds a farmers market.





Design Decisions: 

I based Little Greyton on the town closest to where I grew up, as the narrative would feel more realistic if I used real examples. This seemed the perfect location for a mega-corp to settle into as the Factory I describe is actually located here, but has recently been turned into a housing estate.





GDD || Home || Backstory || Greyton || Maximo || The Factory || Bedroom || Jogging



GDD || Home || Serenity || Daisy || Naming Conventions || Base Personality/Code


All clones start with the same daily routine and base coding, but with different roles within the company. They believe themselves to be robots, and are named after Maximo’s robot naming convention.


Numbers for names:

Robots created by Maximo are  numbered using HEX colour codes with models being named varying shades.

For experimental robots (the clones in Greyton), names are instead assigned by using the first 2 letters of their job title to form a human name to give the illusion of a normal factory.


  • Adam – is the Administrator – #adff2f
  • Daisey – Data Entry Clerk – #da70d6
  • Curtis – is the Customer Service Adviser –  #5cacee
  • Serenity – Service Desk Analyst #daa520



In case these robots were developed further they still have HEX codes:









GDD || Home || Serenity || Daisy || Naming Conventions || Base Personality/Code



GDD || Home || Backstory || Greyton || Maximo || The Factory || Bedroom || Jogging

A massive conglomerate responsible for all technological infrastructure in Europe.


Their main tasks are to host and maintain the:

  1. European Internet,
  2. Telecommunication Services,
  3. Driver-less Transportation,
  4. The infrastructure for the:
    1. Bank of Europe,
    2. National Health Services
    3. Democratic Decisions*
    4. Supply and Distribution Chains


In order to maintain all the facilities Maximo developed humanoid robots reducing the cost of their workforce and increasing the companies productivity.

These robots have gradually grown in their sophistication, their latest models being test run in a rural city in South West England, Greyton. The robots are rumored to be so advanced they are closer to clones than humanoids. This new workforce is trained to do the menial task of humans (office jobs), but is this just the first steps of research to a personal army?


Structure of Organisation:


There is a governing body which oversees all operations, with lots of management in between the people doing the ground work. In other words the head doesn’t always know what it’s hands and feet are doing but tries to steer the whole ship gently forwards.


*Democratic decisions has replaced government leadership where there is one front man/woman. This system works by providing every citizen with a voting device, decisions which would normally be passed to vote in parliament are instead presented to the general public. If less than 50% of the country voted the motion is dropped but if more than 50% of the population vote and again more than half agree, the motion is passed. There is of course still a governing body who selects which motions they want to raise, but the officials are replaced when 3 of their motions don’t receive a 50% vote margin.


Design Decisions:

 I based Maximo on IBM, as I have worked for them and I wanted to write from my own experiences keep the narrative with an element of realism. I also added  in some new history for England, guessing at what could come in the future, keeping it extremely optimistic as sci-fi’s have a habit of being very pessimistic about the future atm.




GDD || Home || Backstory || Greyton || Maximo || The Factory || Bedroom || Jogging

Family Meals Reference

Documentation of Code

GDD || Home || Mechanics || Demo || Documentation of Code || User Interface || Navigation


Functions and Behaviours

As I was writing the code in Twine I kept a list of all the variables/functions I included, here is the list.

Screen Shots of How the Code Developed:

Twine File – Structure (13.12.15)
Twine File – Structure (14.12.15)
Twine File – Structure (04.01.16)



KEY –> $varables,  Page Names

  1. $alarm
    • +1 each visit to Alarm 0
  2. $Bagel
    •  Sting set in
    • GroceryShop 2 to “bought”
    • Breakfast 1 to “eaten”
    • Alarm 0 to “none”
  3. $cake
    • String set in:
    • Home cook 3 to “baked”
  4. $canteenBagel
    • +1 each visit to Breakfast 1
  5. $canteenLunch
    •  +1 each visit to Lunch 0
  6. $choiceBake
    • Sting set in:
    • Shop Keeper 2  to “no”
    • Home 3 Cook  to “yes”
    • Grocery Shop 3 to “no”
  7. $cookSkill
    • +1 each visit to Home 2 Cook
    • +1 each visit to Home 3 Cook
  8. $cupCakes
    • string which is set in:
    • Baking 3  to “cooked”
    • Morning Bake to “cooked”
    • Breakfast 0 to “eaten”
    • Grocery Shop 3 to “sold”
  9.  $day
    • +1 each visit to Start
  10.  $event
    • Sum of visits to Snooze 1 +  Event.
  11. $eventType
    • String which is set in Event :
    • “routine”
    • “propaganda”
  12. $groceryShop
    • string which is set in:
    • Jog 1  to “seen”
    • Grocery Shop 1  to “inside”
  13. $home3cook
    • Sting which is set in:
    • Home 3 cook to “visited”
  14. $joe
    • Checks wither Lottie has met Joe Breakfast 1
    • Set in Joe 0  to 1
  15. $joeBagel
    • String which is set in:
    • Joe 0 to “none”
    • Joe Exercise 2  to “bought”
    • Joe Breakfast 0 to “eaten”
    • Joe Breakfast 2 to “none”
  16. $joeBreakfast0
    • +1 each visit to Joe Breakfast 0
  17. $joeClub
    • +1 each visit to Joe Activities 0
  18. $joeChoice
    •  Set to 1 if visited Joe Choice Wake Up 
  19. $joeDay
    • +1 each visit to Joe 0
  20. $joeEvent
    • +1 each visit to Joe Event
  21. $joeExplore
    • Set to 1 if visited Joe Explore 1
    • Set to “newspaper” on second visit
  22. $joeGrocery
    • string which is set in
    • Joe Exercise 2 to “seen”
  23. $joeLunch
    • Joe Lunch 0  to 1
  24. $joeNewspaper
    • String which is set in
    • Joe Newspaper 0 to “writing”
  25. $joeWork
    • +4 to Joe Morning Work 0
  26. $jog1
    • +1 each visit to Jog 1
  27. $lottieJob
    • String which is set in:
    • Walk to Work 0 to “Maximo”
    • Afternoon Bake 0 to “baker”
  28. $newspaper
    • String which is set in:
    • Joe Breakfast 2  to “Article 1”
  29. $offer
    • string which is set in:
    • Decline Offer to “decline”
    • Morning bake 0 to “accept”
  30. $posterDays
    • +1 each visit to Start
  31. $printingShop
    • string which is set in:
    • BLANK to “seen”
  32. $Sarah
    • Checks wither Lottie has met Sarah Lunch 0
  33. $shop
    • String set in:
    • Shop Dinner 2 to “closed”
  34. $shopConvo
    • +1 each visit to Shop Dinner 2
  35. $shopKeeper
    • String which is set in:
    • Grocery Shop 3 to “angry”
    • Shop Keeper 3  to “happy”
  36. $shopKeeper3
    • String which is set in:
    • Shop Keeper 3 to “visited”


GDD || Home || Mechanics || Demo || Documentation of Code || User Interface || Navigation

Robot Rights Movement

“Women were welcome to come in as workers but not as co-makers of the world. For all their numbers, they seldom rose to positions of responsibility or power. The few who did fitted into the system as they found it. All standards, all methods, all values, continued to be set by men.”11

11Quoted in Woloch, Women and the American Experience: 357.


I want to say a few words about this matter. I am a woman’s rights. I have as much muscle as any man, and can do as much work as any man. I have plowed and reaped and husked and chopped and mowed, and can any man do more than that? I have heard much about the sexes being equal. I can carry as much as any man, and can eat as much too, if I can get it. I am as strong as any man that is now. As for intellect, all I can say is, if a woman have a pint, and a man a quart – why can’t she have her little pint full? You need not be afraid to give us our rights for fear we will take too much, – for we can’t take more than our pint’ll hold.

WI – History of 

Women’s Library Collection

Notes for Narrative















Matrix Crossed with 1984










Wikipedia: Allegory of the Cave

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